Super member investment

James Murphy Tax


This question is about my client.

They belong to the APSS superannuation fund with a member saving account and defined benefits.

The trustee has decided to change strategy and next year 2022 and merge with Sun Super.

Will the change and the merger impact member investments as their savings are invested in conservative investment options and are 68 years old?


Thank you for this question.

This crosses the line into giving financial advice, which is something we legally cannot do.

These observations relate only to the APSS member conservative savings account as mentioned in the notification letter.

“The trustees are gradually moving to more liquid asset classes in public market assets.”

“The trustees believe these adjustments are in the members’ best interests whilst continuing to abide by the fund’s (conservative) investment objectives.”

If there are any taxation issues your client would like to clear up, we would be happy to do so.