Industrial Relations Update – April 2021

James Murphy HR/IR

CHANGES TO CASUAL EMPLOYMENT On Friday 26 March 2021, the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) was amended to change workplace rights and obligations for casual employees. The changes were made by the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Act 2021 (Amendment Act). These changes came into effect on Saturday 27 March 2021. What’s changed? The Amendment …


James Murphy HR/IR

The new Industrial Relations omnibus Bill introduces reform in key areas, such as a new definition of casual employment and a move to criminalise wage theft. On 9 December 2020, the Federal Government introduced the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020 into Federal Parliament. This omnibus industrial relations Bill set out several key industrial relations reforms to …

Clerks Award Amendments — COVID-19

Joshua Easton HR/IR, Tax, WHS

On the weekend the Fair Work Commission amended the clerks flexibility provisions to insert a new schedule in regard to the COVID 19 Pandemic. The changes are from the first full pay period after the 28th March and expire 30 June unless extended. The changes in summary are: Ordinary hours of work have changed when working from home, they are …

Cash Flow Assistance for Businesses

Joshua Easton HR/IR, Tax, WHS

Economic Response to the Coronavirus This assistance will support businesses to manage cash flow challenges and help businesses retain their employees. These two measures are designed to support employing small and medium enterprises and to improve business confidence. In addition, the wage subsidy for apprentices and trainees will help to ensure the continued development of the skilled workforce that employers …

2020 Economic Stimulus Package

Joshua Easton HR/IR, Tax, WHS

On 12.3.2020, the Federal Government announced a $17.6 billion economic plan to keep Australians in jobs, keep businesses in business and support households and the Australian economy as the world deals with the significant challenges posed by the spread of the coronavirus.

Social Media in the Workplace

Joshua Easton HR/IR

LEIGH’S CORNER #48 Most workplaces today have access to the internet in some form, and in many workplaces, employees spend the majority of their working day on computers, tablets or phones. With such easy online access, many tasks previously performed in the office can now be performed at any location. This increased easy access to the internet for some workplaces …

EOFY HR/IR and Workplace Issues

Joshua Easton HR/IR

Leigh’s Corner #47 The recent re-election of the Liberal and National Coalition Government (LNP) means that many of the pressures on employers foreshadowed by the Federal Labor Government in relation to significant increases in wages and penalty rates and other changes to Industrial Relations matters have eased for now. This does not mean that pressure from employees and Unions to …

The Role of a Support Person in Disciplinary Matters

Joshua Easton HR/IR

From Leigh’s Corner #46 Disciplinary meetings between employers and employees are often difficult and tense processes and many employers are not trained in dealing with difficult situations involving workplace disputes, breaches of policies and procedures and conduct that requires disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. There are some basic steps that can be followed which may alleviate some of …

Mid-Year IR Update 2018

Joshua Easton HR/IR, Tax, WHS

Mid-Year Industrial Relations Update July 2018 Increase in Award Wages The Fair Work Commission issued the Annual Wage Review decision on 1 June 2018, and increased the national minimum wage and award minimum wages by 3.5 percent. This will bring the national minimum wage to $719.20 per week, on the basis of 38 ordinary hours per week, or $18.93 per …

Industrial Relations Update April 2018

Joshua Easton HR/IR, Tax

FAMILY AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LEAVE The following abbreviated summary follows the recent decision of the Fair Work Commission as part of the 4-year review of Modern Awards to insert an model domestic violence clause into the awards to allow employees to access 5 unpaid days where they can provide reasonable proof that they aren experiencing family or domestic violence issues. …