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Tax Essentials

bO2 Corporate Essentials has been developed for today’s business decision maker. Our subscription products save you time and money by distilling current tax legislation and delivering it to you in printed and online formats. Available in bO2 Standard and bO2 Premium.


HR/IR Essentials

Our products include a hands-on HR/IR guide to workplace relations and labour legalities written in layman's terms and three Toolpacks containing an Employee Policy Manual, forms, templates, agreements and documents for Employee Management.


WHS Essentials

Australia's only reusable and up-to-date Workplace Health and Safety templates for general trades and general office. These products contain a ready-to-use manual and toolpacks full with valuable forms, templates and policies.


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There is no doubt that an effective Business Owner/Manager, Financial Controller or Accountant contributes directly to any organisation's success. If you are a recreational facility manager, golf course superintendent, school administrator, shift manager at a resort or hotel — you name it — you are basically asked only one thing: to ensure that ALL compliance standards are met both legally and ethically.

Here are 10 ways bO2 Corporate Essentials assist every type of business to create success…

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Accountants & Controllers

Are your clients Paying Too Much Tax? Help your customers legally reduce their tax payments and save time by using the bO2 Expert Taxation Information Guides.

Learn how you can save time, money and stress on keeping up to date with taxation legalities, financial compliance and how to build a workforce that is productive and efficient...

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Business Owners   Enterprise

bO2 Corporate Essentials provides you with tax tips, strategies and information that can show you how to reduce business tax every year and deliver a workforce that is productive and efficient.. And yes, all are legal and professionally researched.

Discover how bO2 Corporate Essentials can help your business, large or small, to minimise risk and maximise opportunities every year...

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Not For Profit Organisations

Are you a Not For Profit Organisation?
Do you feel that you are not getting the full benefit of sound taxation and financial advice for your organisation? bO2 Corporate Essentials can help your organisation.

Learn more how bO2 Corporate Essentials can help your organisation with your tax and financial compliance ...

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