Our resources are to successful business what oxygen is to a healthy life; absolutely essential.

We know that a business is best positioned for maximised health and growth when risk, doubt and uncertainty is minimised. Our easy-to-read, essential and engaging products and services will breathe new life into your business by providing you with valued business resources, tips and techniques for your taxation, financial and employment issues.

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About bO2

Understanding business compliance and legislative requirements can often be an overwhelming and arduous undertaking, which is why we are committed to creating easy, essential and engaging resources for your business. Resources that clarify the complexities around business compliance no matter what industry you are in.

Since our inception in 2006, our journeyed experience has taught us that each business is unique and ever-changing; and while your Taxation, Financial and Employment requirements may change, our commitment to creating essential business resource remains the same. We understand the tangible value that accessible, up-to-date and intelligent business resources can have on the health of business, which is why we have made our resources available to you - when you need it, how you need it.

We equip our bO2 members with the tools to clarify and capitalise on the often complex and changing conditions of their environments. Through delivering easy-to-read, essential and engaging resources, we are able to position our members to navigate confidently towards business success.

Sound intelligence around business compliance is a neccessity not a luxury, whether your business is expanding with major renovations, hiring more staff, franchising, downsizing or you find yourself approaching retirement. Let our products and services eliminate the guesswork and simplify compliance hard-work to help you reach a stronger financial position .

Our esteemed reputation for providing high-quality products on Australian business, taxation and employment legislation will breathe new life into your business.

Manage your business, minimise your risk and maximise your opportunities with confidence.

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Our Story:

bO2 Corporate Essentials (formerly Tax Smart Australia Pty Ltd) is a privately owned company and since being founded in 2006, has grown to be one of Australia's largest business publications specialising in current Taxation, Financial and Employment issues that impact on Small to Medium business owners and professionals.

Surviving the current business environment in Australia requires a complex combination of having a sound business strategy that is sustainable in the marketplace, plus the staff and structures which maximise profits and minimise costs. bO2 has been established with the aim of providing valued business resources, tips and techniques for taxation, financial and employment issues that empower businesses to not just survive but thrive in todays marketplace. We deliver all of this through easy-to-read, essential and engaging resources, that eliminate the need for Australian businesses to shoulder the burden of costly fees associated with high priced lawyers, brokers or consultants.

Our Values:

Our passion towards delivering clarity, convenience and confidence for our members is only made possible through our unwavering commitment to upholding our company values of being Simple, Smart and Secure in philosophy and practice.

Simple through our ability to deconstruct often complex areas of business into relatable and easy-to-resources that the average Australian can understand.

Smart in the way we provide essential business information, when you need it and how you need it.

Secure through how we empower our members to carry out with confidence business decisions through our trusted, up to date and dependable resources.

Our Difference:

We keep our members up-to–date and 100% confident when dealing with Australia’s ever-changing taxation, employment and business legislation, auditing, bullying and harassment, unfair dismissal claims, dealing with poor performance, implementing a legal disciplinary process, employee relations and industrial relations compliance, workplace flexibility and enterprise bargaining…the list goes on.

Our products simplify the day to day running of any business and have the potential to save your business thousands of dollars each year in compliance matters, potential liability and legal costs. Innovation and constant research ensures our readers; product excellence, reliability, affordability and great customer service with ongoing support and the latest resources.

Our writers and team of experts have over 50 years combined experience in their specialised fields as safety specialists, IR and HR professionals and Tax accountants with a shared appreciation of and commitment to national compliancy standards.

We have built a reputation as being a company that is easy to do business with and our member satisfaction is paramount in our pursuit to consistently deliver high-quality products to Australian business owners, financial controllers and accountants.

Our signature memberships and publications include the Professional Plan Membership, Business Plan Membership, the bO2 Guides, ToolPacks and other business related online services. Private consultation services are also available for an arranged fee and upon request to our members.

Our Members and Readers:

bO2 subscribers are owners or directors of small to medium sized companies (SMEs), CFO’s or senior executives of large corporations. On a daily basis in complex business environments they deal with wide ranging management issues relating Taxation, finance, employees and workplace safety.

Our services provide the right information, when they need it, whether it is through our printed or online resources, or via our Research and consultative services.