Company Tax Return

James Murphy Tax

The proprietary company (A) is a sole shareholder of another company (B), which runs a retail business. 

Company A does not run the business but will receive the dividend from company B in future if B has a profit to distribute. There is no plan for company A to run other business or to earn other income other than future dividends. 

Company A has two shareholders, who are the trustee company of two separate trusts. 

(i) Company A has a ACN and TFN, however no ABN was applied for yet. 

Would you please advise whether ABN is required for the company A in above circumstance? 

If yes or no, please provide the link for the information to support it. 

(ii) Should we still need to lodge the Company tax return as nil for company A (without ABN) although no dividend was received and no other income during the financial period?  

Please note that company A has a TFN but no ABN.


If company A is not conducting business but is merely a passive investment entity, holding company then there is no need for an ABN as it is not conducting business.

You can lodge a nil return or a “return not necessary” for company A.