Snap Lockdown Payment

James Murphy Tax

Our preschool is currently in the LGA with a snap lockdown. I am just curious if we have no children turn up to preschool – and no jobs to be done at preschool, can I send my staff home with no pay? Do I use their sick pay?

If they don’t want to come to work due to mental health, what kind of payment do I pay them?

They will not be working from home, as they cannot work from home due to being a preschool.


They need to look for suitable alternative work as preschools are essential and are not mandated to close.

Suitable alternative work may be that they clean the preschool or do some forward planning.

The employees cannot be simply stood down.

It would be an annual leave day for people who do not wish to come to work unless they were ill or injured or caring for someone in that category; then, it would be personal leave.