Changing Company Registration

James Murphy Tax

I have composed a resolution concerning changing the company registration from Queensland to NSW. Can you suggest the fastest thing to do to address the resolution? The company was just incorporated yesterday. This shelf company noted that these changes would cost $1,000, which should have been confirmed before the registration.

We are looking forward to your kind advice.


Our perspective is that the state of registration is of little consequence.

This is a remainder from the days when prior to 1990, each state had a Corporate Affairs department that dealt with company registrations.

The Federal Government, through the formation of ASIC, took over this responsibility in 1990.

A registered company is free at any time to conduct business in more than one state and have or change its registered office to any state of its choosing.  

It is the address of the registered office, which is important.

It is fine to have a minute or resolution, noting the registration state should have been NSW.

As for changing the state of registration and incurring a $1,000 expense… in our view, this is unnecessary.