Drugs in the Workplace

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Eliminate Drug & Alcohol Abuse at your Workplace.
Employer toolkit for managing the use and abuse of drugs in the workplace.

Reusable policy and procedure templates to help you to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse at your workplace.

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Product Includes:

4 Reusable Policy Templates
with straight forward advice on:

How To Implement And Manage
A Drug Testing Process.

Drug and alcohol testing itself has become a significant part of an employer's Work Health and Safety obligations.

Under the duty of care provisions in the WH&S Act, employers must provide a safe workplace for their employees, including mandatory drug testing in the building and construction industry.

One of the most effective ways that employers can deal with potential drug and alcohol abuse and protect their employees is to develop and implement a workplace drug and alcohol policy.

Need Clear, Instant Advice on Drug Policy?

If you are struggling to make heads or tails of the Fair Work Act and need instant advice, we can help you with accessing clear, concise and relevant information regarding Australian employment regulations.

bO2 can assist you in gaining a better understanding of your obligations and responsibilities.

With recent media coverage over drug testing cases within the Fair Work Australia Commission, many workplaces are reviewing their policies to ensure they are using the most appropriate policies relevant to their workplace to minimise any ongoing HR and IR implications and to reduce accidents and injuries.


  • Alcohol and other drugs cost Australian workplaces an estimated $6 billion per year in lost productivity.
  • Up to 15% of workplace injuries worldwide are attributable to drug or alcohol use.
  • Around 60% of individuals who consume drugs or alcohol at harmful levels are in full time employment.
  • Half of Australian workers drink at harmful levels.
  • 13% use cannabis 4% use amphetamines.
  • 1 in 10 workers say they have experienced the negative effects associated with a co-worker’s misuse of alcohol.

Our Employer Toolkit will help you.

Our comprehensive drug and alcohol EMPLOYER TOOLKIT is aimed to assist both the employer and employees manage the issue of staff who present with acute or chronic drug use or behaviours.

bO2 Drugs in the Workplace Policies & Procedures gives straight forward advice on How to Implement and Manage A Drug Testing Process” with the requirements of both the employee and employer being of utmost importance.

Not only can bO2 Drugs in the Workplace Policies & Procedures be engaged from the very beginning, our 4 REUSABLE POLICY TEMPLATES will assist in the development of robust and workable policy and procedure specific to your workplace and industry.


  • Is there anything I need to do to ensure the appropriate measures are in place onsite for testing?
  • What happens when employees test positive to alcohol or other drugs in the workplace?
Drugs Policy in the Workplace

Product Contents:

  • Illegal Drugs
  • Legal Drugs:
    Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical/ Therapeutic Drugs
  • Investigation Procedures
  • Drug Testing Processes
  • Steps to Introduce Drug Testing in the Workplace
  • Testing Options:
    Random Testing, Mandatory Testing, Incident Related
  • Drug Test Flow Chart
  • Policy 1: Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Policy 2: Drug Testing – General:
    Employees, Drug Testing Parameters, Notice, Testing facilities, Notification of Drug Test Results, Suspension of Duties, Confidentiality, Drug Test Costs, Policy Availability
  • Policy 3: Disciplinary Process and Procedures Policy
  • Policy 4: Smoking and the Workplace
  • Employee Letter of Admission

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