Smart Toolpack #3

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The Employers Guide to Employee Performance Management, Termination & Redundancy

Australia’s only reusable and up-to-date
HR/IR templates on the market!

Our Smart ToolPacks contain templates of frequently used documents to assist all levels of business in dealing with quite complex employment issues.

Download your selected ToolPack — a ready-to-use package of compliant contracts, templates, policies and forms you can start using in your workplace immediately and as many times as you like — and all for a fraction of the cost of hiring legal services. The simple “cut and paste” templates have the potential to save your business thousands of dollars each year in compliance matters, potential liability and legal costs.

The ToolPacks provide forms and policies in the following areas:

  • Workplace Policies including Workplace Health and Safety matters
  • Employee Policy Manual and other supporting documents
  • Termination, Performance Management and Discipline Forms
  • An employment pack that contains all of the Recruitment letters and documentation required to hire and induct new employees
  • Our team of professionals have compiled each and every document in the ToolPacks making certain they all comply with the Fair Work Act. So you can use them with 100% confidence.

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The Employers Guide to Employee Performance Management, Termination & Redundancy

ToolPack #3 — Just $16.25 / Month (Inc. GST)

Can Your Business Afford The Time & Cost of An Unfair Dismissal Dispute?

Toolpack #3

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Australia’s business market is extremely competitive and its labour costs are among some of the highest in the world. It’s important to make the most of your best workplace asset – your human resources.

Your team’s performance can mean the difference between business failure and success

So, Don’t Get Stung By Employees Who … 

  • Do Not Perform
  • Cause Damage To Your Business
  • Cost You Time & Money in An Unfair Dismissal Case

What’s In The Guide?

  • This manual provides comprehensive step by step information about handling redundancies and managing employee performance – including termination. 
  • Each section is outlined with detailed information and supporting templates to use in your business. 
  • To use this guide most effectively it is important to refer to and follow all steps provided.
  • This will not only assist in preventing employee issues from arising, but will provide a valuable defence if legal action is taken against the business.

Reduce Your Risks and Have a More Effective Business Today … From The Very Beginning Of The Employment Cycle.


This How-To Guide On Employee Performance Management, Termination & Redundancy Includes:

Introduction Purpose of the guide
Guide overview Performance Management
Why manage your employee’s performance? Think performance in recruitment
Induction and planning for success Policies to support employee management
Probation periods and documentation Ongoing performance management and reviews
Difficult conversations Disciplinary and warning process
Conducting investigations and record keeping Unions in the workplace
Casual to full time/part time conversion Contractors and employees
Working with your team Termination
Redundancy Forms and Templates
Interview Checklist Reference Check Form
Probation Period Completion Probation Period Extension
Probation Period Termination Performance Review Template
Performance Meeting Notification Letter Performance Management Script
Investigations Script Warning Letter – Incident
Warning Letter – Performance Warning Letter – General
Small Business Fair Dismissal Code Termination of Employment Letter
Notice of Change Letter Notification of Change Meeting Script
Second Redundancy Meeting Script Notice of Termination Letter

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