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The tax law is constantly changing, with major legislation, court cases, and ATO rulings appearing frequently throughout the year. Many of these developments present positive tax opportunities — if you know they exist and you can act on time.

Waiting until the annual meeting with your accountant may be too late to learn and act on these opportunities.

For this reason, keeping up-to-date with the latest in taxation law is an arduous task, even for accountants! That’s why we have developed our Professional membership to help simplify the Australian Tax system: the latest rulings on compliance, tax-tips and deductions to recover both time and money.

The purpose of this subscription is to provide you with brief explanations of a wide variety of Taxation Issues, offer practical solutions and is arranged to make information easy to retrieve when you need it.

Business Plan Membership
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bO2 Professional Plan Includes

Access to our Tax Research Department- Email any tax-related queries. The technical experts at bO2 are here to clarify any tax-related matters, including Australian income tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Capital Gains Tax, State-based taxes, ATO or practice management issues.
Annual Australian Tax Manual for Professionals –  The Annual Australian Tax Manual for Professionals, published yearly since 2006, covers all aspects of income tax law and associated taxes. It includes clear summaries, succinct justifications, and worked instances to make the tax system simpler to comprehend and use in daily life (approx. 200 pages). All members receive a complimentary HARD copy.
Bi-monthly reports – Receive bi-monthly reports.  These topical reports bring new opportunities and changes made since the previous edition that will impact your business (approx 35 pages).
Practitioner – Receive monthly reports prepared for accounting practitioners and business owners. Monthly Practitioners updates on necessary clarifications and developments tax practitioners and business owners require to be a complaint.

Sample pages for the 2023-24 Australian Tax Summary: A Guide for Tax Professionals

Sample pages for the 2023-24 Australian Tax Summary: A Guide for Tax Professionals
Business Plan Membership

“I never knew this stuff existed, neither did my bookkeeper! I have been overpaying, on average about $16,000 for the past 5 years! That is $80,000 down the drain.”