Your Business is Paying Too Much Tax!

We Know This Is True As 9 Out of 10 Australian Businesses Are Paying More Tax Than They Have To…

And Most of Them Don’t Even Know It!

Every year you pay your taxes and know you are paying too much. But you don’t know what to do about it. So you pay your taxes and get back
to work just to pay more taxes next year.

Every year after you have paid taxes, you wish you had more money to grow your business, to take that much needed break, to buy that car…

But it is just not possible because you had to pay an enormous tax bill!

Tax Legislation Is A Minefield, Too Difficult for Most Australian Business Owners To Read and Understand

  • Very few business owners know the tax rules & regulations and they pay their taxes without ever enquiring if there are ways to
    reduce their taxes legally.
  • Most business owners feel they would rather pay their taxes and stay out of trouble.
  • Most bookkeepers don’t even know about tax laws, and sad to say, many accountants also don’t. The result is that you are paying the price for their lack of knowledge.

But That Is All About to Change For You. The Fact Is You Don’t Have To Pay More Tax Than Is Required By Law.

Think about that for a moment… Is that not true? In other words as long as you pay what is required by the Australian tax law you
cannot get in trouble.

Know how the legislation works…

The bO2 Corporate Essentials System Shows You Legal Tax Strategies That Can Help You Recover Tens Of Thousands Of $$$ On Your Taxes Every Year! And Yes, All Of Them Are Legal. Discover ...

  • New ways to save taxes on travel expenses (most business use only 2)
  • New ways to save taxes on staff salaries (unknown to most and it is costing them thousands).
  • Little known loopholes in the tax legislation that could add thousands to your profit margins (most bookkeepers and
    tax accountants don’t even know about this).
  • Little known legal tips and tricks that could save you THOUSANDS in taxes

bO2 Corporate Essentials Is Designed To Save You Time & Money On Tax & Financial Issues. bO2 Helps You Ensure That You Never Pay More Tax Than You Have To.

  • bO2 - keeps you up-to-date with tax changes; new claim areas as well as any areas of compliance as soon
    as the ATO releases them.
  • bO2 - is always up to date, you never deal with out of date old information.
  • bO2 - has been developed for today’s business decision maker, the person who is ultimately responsible
    to turn a profit in the business.
  • bO2 - is a plain English interpretation of the Tax system. Easy to read and refer to.

bO2 Corporate Essentials Tax Package Includes:

  • The Australian Taxation Reference Manual (Quality PDF Download) that summarises and simplifies the Australian
    Tax system, including the latest rulings on compliance, tax-tips and deductions-designed for quick reference to save you both time
    and money. (Approx.120 pages)
  • 12 months unlimited free access to our Tax Research Department, (useful for a second opinion). Simply email, fax or
    write any Tax related queries and we will publish the answer in the next Free Bonus Newsletter.
  • 6 Free Bonus Newsletters published and sent separately over the 12 months. (Available in both email and hard copy).
    These topical reports will bring you exclusively up-to-date with the latest developments, tax planning opportunities and law changes
    that have been made since the previous edition that will impact on your business.

Imagine What It Would Be Like:

  • To have more money in your pocket?
  • If you didn’t have to stress about paying too much tax?
  • If you could make more profit and grow your business?
  • To never have to worry about tax legalities ever again?
  • To afford that overseas holiday that you’ve been putting off for years

Wouldn’t That Be Nice?
Here is what a few of our thousands of satisfied members have to say:

“Practical application of information. Bonus issues are specific, factual and precise. Well written Tax Smart, all questions have been very clearly answered.”
"I never knew this stuff existed — neither did my book keeper! I have been over paying on average about $16,000 for the past 5 years! That is $80,000 down the drain."
“Oh my goodness, all the savings, I had no idea and my accountant told me none of it. I’ll definitely be with Tax Smart for life.”
"As a company accountant I enjoy the Q & A section because I get to see what other accountants are asking. The reference material is very time effective."
"Very useful for non profit, saves a lot of time in the research process, cuts out the need to ring the ATO all the time. Very professionally written I particularly find the case studies easy to apply."
"Saved me $15,000 in first year and $12,000 on average per year."
"Good brief summary, regular up-dates drilling down into specific topics. Well done Tax Smart."

Our Guarantee to You… Use bO2 Corporate Essentials and You WILL Recover Unnecessary Expenses .

You Have Nothing to Lose. Don’t Wait Another Minute.