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HR/IR Smart Guides

By subscribing to the Smart Guides, you’ll have a hands-on guide to workplace relations and labour legalities written in layman's terms to help you protect your business, stay on the right side of the law and avoid potential disputes and grievances.

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Ever-changing industrial relations legislation… bullying and harassment and unfair dismissal claims… dealing with poor performance… implementing a legal disciplinary process… employee relations compliance… workplace flexibility and enterprise bargaining… the list goes on.

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Includes these 7 Smart Guides:

  • Guide 1 A Business Guide to the Fair Work Act

    Smart Guide No. 1

    A Business Guide to the Fair Work Act


    National Employment Standards and Award Modernisation3
    -- Transitional Provisions5
    National Employment Standards (NES)15
    -- The 10 National Employment Standards15
    Flexibility and Agreement Making17
    -- Redundancy pay period:24
    -- Termination Notice Periods25
    Bullying Harassment and Workplace Discrimination28
    General Protections (Adverse Action)30

  • Guide 2 HR/IR Survival Guide For Business

    Smart Guide No. 2

    HR/IR Survival Guide For Business


    Large Businesses and Multi National Corporations2
    -- Workplace Based Productivity and Efficiency Bargaining2
    -- Managing Employee Performance and Productivity6
    Medium Sized Businesses9
    -- FWA Model Flexibility clause10
    -- Better Off Overall Test Calculator13
    -- Managing Employee Performance and Productivity15
    Small Business15
    -- Conversion to full-time or part-time employment19
    -- On the Horizon23

  • Guide 3 Handling Grievances, Disputes, Investigations & Actions

    Smart Guide No. 3

    Handling Grievances and Disputes, Workplace Investigations, Union influence/action and right of entry, Industrial Action


    Handling Workplace Grievances and Disputes2
    Workplace Investigations2
    Union influence/action and right of entry13
    -- Workplace Dispute Model Clause14
    Industrial Action18
    -- Model consultation term21
    Employee Related Grievances and Disputes26
    Unlawful Termination33
    -- Sham Contracting Arrangements35

  • Guide 4 Change Management, Transmission of Business, Services Level Agreements, Mentoring

    Smart Guide No. 4

    Change Management, Transmission of Business, Service Level Agreements and Mentoring


    Change Management2
    Transmission of Business15
    Service Level Agreements21
    Productivity Agreements23

  • Guide 5 Social Media Internet & Email in the Workplace

    Smart Guide No. 5

    Social Media, Internet and Email in the Workplace


    Smart Phones, Tablets and Other Mobile Devices 3
    Use of the Internet6
    Social Media14
    Cyber Bullying22

  • Guide 6 Stress Management

    Smart Guide No. 6

    Stress Management


    What is Stress?2
    Causes of Stress4
    Recognising Stress5
    Stress Prevention and Management9
    Fatigue and Overwork12
    Stress Reduction Strategies16
    Eliminating Stress From Your Environment18
    Workplace Stress Prevention and Management26
    Strategy Development27
    Work-related psychological injuries31

  • Guide 7 Employers Guide to using Contractors

    Smart Guide No. 7

    Employers Guide to Using Contractors


    Defining a Contractor
    What is a contractor?
    What is an employee?
    Pitfalls for businesses
    Establishing a Contractual Relationship
    Creating a Contract
    Negotiating the Contract
    Hirer Responsibilities
    Contractor Responsibilities
    Maintaining a Contractual Relationship
    Meetings and reviews

    Performance and issue resolution
    Payment and invoices
    Application of relevant workplace policies and procedures
    Protecting your business legally
    Legal requirements for business
    Legal requirements for Contractors
    Sham contracting
    Ending a contractual relationship
    Unsatisfactory work
    Unfinished work

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