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QUESTION We have a construction company and I was wondering if we were allowed to salary sacrifice mortgage repayments for some employees, and if so, would the company have to pay 40% FBT? This content is accessible with a current product subscription; please log in or purchase to read further.

Tax and Superannuation Query

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QUESTION I would appreciate your response to a tax and superannuation question that I have. For the purposes of the question, please assume: The entity is definitely a ‘religious institution’ according to the meaning of the term ‘religious institution’ as it appears in the ITAA and then FBTAA. This content is accessible with a current product subscription; please log in …

Textbook Tax Deduction Query

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QUESTION I am enrolled as a full-time master’s student at Melbourne Uni. I receive a tax-free graduate research stipend. The role is part of a training program, so I can qualify as a veterinary pathology specialist, and I teach, perform research and also perform diagnostic duties as part of the role. In recently submitted my tax return and claimed $2000 …

Expense Deduction Question

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n QUESTION n We require an opinion on the following: – n We have a client that owns two car yards with multiple brand dealerships and they run a sprint car operation that competes around Australia. We aren wanting to know more about the deductibility of the sprint car expenses. n The sprint car set up is a serious operation, …

FBT Query

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QUESTIONHi, I would like to ask one question. We are a building materials wholesales company. If we provide the company Ute to our sales rep. who need to carry the goods to customer from time to time, does it fall into the FBT? I don’t know the percentage of private use but from my understanding, at least driving between home …

Mid-Year IR Update 2018

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Mid-Year Industrial Relations Update July 2018 Increase in Award Wages The Fair Work Commission issued the Annual Wage Review decision on 1 June 2018, and increased the national minimum wage and award minimum wages by 3.5 percent. This will bring the national minimum wage to $719.20 per week, on the basis of 38 ordinary hours per week, or $18.93 per …


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n Deceased Estate Tax Questionn n I have couple of questions on how income from deceased estate are taxed. Unfortunately, one of our director has passed away with a massive heart attackn before Christmas so I need below clarifications:n n n Main Residence: Director has a house which is his main residence. He brought that house before 1985 (Pre CGT). …


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n GST Question  n We are an Australian consolidated group registered for GST with a subsidiary company in NZ. An IT firm (Australian Entity) did some work for our NZn business, and have charged out Head Company for the work but with no GST. Is this correct or should they charge us GST?n n n Answern n It is suggested …


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n Question about Asset Test n We would like to get your opinion on the interpretation in relation to the active asset test.In particular, we want to confirm how the “>50{7dd96b7919860a2c3102c7386769c9f0afed9c42fc01bdf7b43f7ec55abe84c8} periodn that the property is used to carry on the business” is measured.n n n Please refer to the following scenario:n n n Active Asset Test requirements.n n n …